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Once a company has decided to enter a market, local presence in the market of entry is imperative.


As this ensures that the company is always locally available to act on any interests, respond in a timely manner, be in constant engagement with the target audience, potential strategic partners, government regulators, potential investors, existing and potential shareholders and every other part of the industry community that affects the company.

MANOJAVA understands that as desirable as local presence may be, it is not always feasible for every company to park very heavy resources that go behind establishing local presence; especially if the intent of local presence is only to further evaluate the market's attractiveness for a future JV, merger or setting up of a wholly owned subsidiary. 

To navigate through the above challenge: Incorporated in one of the largest and fastest growing cities (and tech-hub) of North America - Toronto, MANOJAVA is happy to partner with a company and act as a "representative" of the company. This essentially means, the company would enjoy a "representative office" status in downtown Toronto, the heart of the very reputed financial and industrial districts of Canada; thereby allowing the company to conduct the following activities legally in Canada, before deciding to enter the market via JV, M&A or subsidiary:

  • Marketing, Advertising (Digital and/or physical) and awareness building

  • Product sample testing with target audiences

  • Sourcing

  • Quality control

  • Address in downtown Toronto (Toronto is the financial and industry capital of Canada, and downtown Toronto is where the Financial center, business district, entertainment district and University of Toronto are located)

  • Meeting with prospective clients identified

  • Identification of potential investors and investor relations activities

  • Partner search for future JV, M&A

  • Answer questions on products/ services, key personnel, investment processes, company philosophy, pricing

  • Arrange communication via virtual and physical channels between clients and HO

  • Liaison with HO

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