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What started us? Wastage. Yes! Wastage. Wastage of time, wastage of resources and wastage of efficiency is what we witnessed firsthand at many companies, right from unicorn-dreaming, resource-crunched startups to complex, large, listed multinational companies.

While working at these companies, often times, it would be noted, that the enormous wastage could have been avoided with stringent monitoring, agility, small course-corrections and easy pivots - and more so with efficient analytics tools that help decode the language your company speaks to you in.

Born in 2020, the age of the pandemic and the resource-challenged new normal, MANOJAVA Inc.'s objective is to reduce this wastage and generate the maximum value for every $ spent, thereby maximizing value for every element belonging to your business's corporate governance framework. 

MANOJAVA Inc. is a member of the Indo-Canadian Business Chamber Youth Wing

MANOJAVA Inc. recently won a leadership award at a Fintech Conference in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore in 2019

MANOJAVA Inc. is a panel member of the prestigious Latoken VCTV talks in the domain of AI, ML, IOT, VR, AR, crypto assets and advanced anayltics

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